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Sweat Shields

Sweat shields from Kleinert's are your best weapons against excessive perspiration. We make several kinds of sweat protection products that you can choose from, depending on your needs. Whichever you choose, you won't have to ever deal with sweat rings or pungent odor again.

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For travel or wear with thin garments, we offer disposable dress shields. Made of a non-woven absorbent material, these shields are ideal for men and women. They can be adhered to any garment or any material, even silk. They are easily removed as well, causing no damage to even your most sensitive garments. We offer disposable shields in packs of 12 for your added convenience.

We also sell sweat shields that can be attached directly to your clothing. They are ideal for heavy sweating conditions like hyperhidrosisand hot flash conditions. Our jersey knit underarm shields are great for short-sleeved outfits. They are designed to be invisible when you wear them, and to blend into any shirt. They are made of 100 percent cotton jersey knit and come in white and black colors.

Several of our dress shield styles also feature shoulder pads for stylish wear. Built for comfort and easy wear, all of our products are designed to lay close to your body without heating you up. Our lace Valara style garment shields are delicately sewn for protection along your upper body. All our products come in sizes small through 3XL for the perfect fit. Contact us at to learn more about our unique and amazing products.

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