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Incontinence Products For Men and Women

Kleinert's invented the incontinence category back in the late 1800's with the invention of the water-proof baby pant. Today, we manufacture the highest quality and best priced incontinence products for those with incontinence problems.

Incontinence Plastic Pull On Underwear For Men and Women

Patented design and advanced incontinence construction provides the highest quality incontinence pull on underwear's made. Available for men and women guaranteeing complete protection day and night.

Men's Duralite Pull On Incontinence Pants

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Women's Duralite Pull On Incontinence Pants

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Unisex Stay-Dry Water Proof Pull On Pants

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Sweat and Incontinence Bedding Protectors and Pads

Advanced construction providing the highest quality sweat and incontinence protection day and night.

Bedding Protector For Night Sweats

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Reusable Incontinence Draw Sheet

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Ultra Absorbent Polymer Plus Linen Protector

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Safe & Dry Absorbent Disposable Under Pads

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Deluxe Quilted Underpad

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Sweat and Incontinence Cleaning Solutions

These products are recommended by kleinerts to be the most effective remedies for sweat, odor and urine control.

Deo-Geo Stain Remover

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Urine Off Stain Remover

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