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Underarm Shields

Underarm shields are the first order of protection for your garments if you have excessive sweating problems like hyperhidrosis or other issues that cause you to sweat profusely. An often embarrassing problem, most people don't realize that millions of us deal with excessive sweat every day. If you're one of the many who suffer from garment-ruining sweats, we are here to offer you products that will save your clothing and your pride.

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For women, we offer dress shields and garment shields for the ultimate in anti-sweat protection. They are light and made of Fabrapel cotton and vinyl for ideal efficiency. In addition, these items will lock in odor so that you don't have to dry clean your suits and jackets quite as often.

We offer disposable dress shields in packs of 12 that can be reordered automatically every month. Just tell us how many you'd like each month and we'll send them to you at a great rate. You can save up to 50 percent on our disposable shield products this way. In addition, we offer Pin-In and Tape-On Dress Shields that attach to any material easily and safely. They are machine washable and we even carry the largest size on the market to meet the needs of all of our customers.

Some of our garment shields are pieces of clothing that can protect not only your underarms, but also your sides and back as well. These ingenious products are helpful to scores of people who sweat excessively and we know they can help you. They are ultra soft and sheer, so they can be worn under any outfit without the slightest detection. Contact us today to learn more at

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