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Armpit Sweating

Armpit sweating is never attractive, and it can be downright embarrassing for both men and women. Especially in the workplace or at a special event, it is often important to appear cool and calm, even if you're not! Of course, this is hard to accomplish when you're sweating rings around the underarm area of your shirt or jacket.

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Let us help you save your reputation and your clothing with custom designed products from Kleinert's. For well over 100 years, we've been making super effective anti-wetness products for people with excessive sweating problems. Whether you need to use something daily or just for special occasions, we can help.

We've got disposable and non-disposable dress shields, garment shields, sweatproof undershirts, protective t-shirts, clinical antiperspirants all made in the United States. For armpit sweating, most people prefer to add a barrier between their armpit and their clothing. For this, we suggest dress shields. Some people prefer our disposable dress shields or our cotton disposable guards for ease of use. You just stick them on with their self-adhesive back and away you go--all day protection that can be removed at the end of the day with no damage to your clothing.

For a more permanent solution or for more severe sweating problems, we recommend washable dress shields or garment shields with sewin-in waterproof barriers to prevent wet-thru staining and odors. We carry dress shields made of cotton Fabrapel or vinyl for effective and long lasting protection. We also have dress shields which can be attached by adhesive tape or pins for even more secure placement.

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