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Underarm Pads Made In America

Kleinert’s produces the largest selection of underarm pads in the world!

We are direct manufacturers located in the small town of Elba, Alabama where we employ American workers. All of our products are made in America and we support local jobs in America.

We produce underarm pads made from 100% cotton and underarm pads made with a waterproof middle layer of vinyl or Duralite to stop sweat from going through to the outer clothing. 

No other company produces the full line of disposable and reusable underarm pads like Kleinert’s does. 

We try to make everyone satisfied through our myriad of products which save the consumers money from dry cleaning but also enhances their lifestyle and extends the useful life of their clothing. 

During these trying times it is important to support American jobs and as far as Kleinert’s is concerned, we will never move our jobs offshore.


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