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Fluid-Proof Underwear

Fluid Proof Underwear

We are the only company that has the right to make Fabrapel. Fabrapel is a patented treatment that when applied to fabric like cotton makes it fluid-resistant, stain-resistant as well as odor-resistant. 

Our fluid proof garment are constructed as follows; the panel covering the crotch area contains six layers of absorbency and also one layer of fluid-impervious Duralite nylon which stops any fluid from passing through the garments. Thus a regular looking panty or brief is now a waterproof product with a fluid proof crotch. 

Surrounding the fluid proof panel is our fluid-resistant Fabrapel fabric which assists in keeping the wearer’s skin dry. 

Sweatproof underwear is breathable which means that air passes through its intersticial spaces between the fibers and allows the wearers skin to to cooled through aeration. This is important so that heat does not build up making the wearer uncomfortable and in some cases even causes skin breakdown and leading to decubitus ulcer formation. 

Our sweatproof underwear is intended to look like normal functioning underwear and thus making the wearer more self assured and confident. 

No cotton based underwear can be totally fluidproof. If you need fluidproof underwear then you must look for our totally waterproof Duralite pant. The is constructed by using 100% nylon which does not allow any fluid to pass through. 

Your decision as to which garment to buy is based upon the amount of release and only you know that. No other products are as well made as ours. Each garment is hand made by truly skilled sewers and craftsmen. We take care with each garment. 

Our underwear is so well made that even the VA System (Veterans Administration) supplies our men’s and women’s underwear products to the troops needing such items. 

All of our underwear products contain latex free elastics so each product is hypoallergenic for those sensitive consumers.

We offer men’s briefs as well as boxers to meet the styling demands of our customers. We also offer many brief and panty styles for our women customers including high-cut and brief styles and lace/cotton garments as well as 100% cotton garments.

Be sure that if you have a question on any of our underwear products; feel free to give our specialists a call to discuss your solutions. 1-800-498-7051.



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