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Sweaty Feet

We've all had sweaty feet before, whether from playing a sport or just walking on the beach on a hot summer day. However, when you suffer from hyperhidrosis of the feet, or Plantar Hyperhidrosis, sweaty feet is more than an annoying random occurrence--it is a serious daily medical problem. This issue causes several related problems as well. Excessive sweating of the feet can lead to athlete's foot and other fungal conditions, not to mention increased foot odor.

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Since 1869, the experts at Kleinert's have been making anti-odor and wetness protection products right here in the U.S.A. Now, we make shoe sole inserts that are ideal for those suffering from Plantar Hyperhidrosis. For men and women's shoe sizes, we offer peel and stick Dry Soles® shoe inserts made of a non-woven fabric that quickly draws moisture away from your feet.

Our shoe inserts absorb moisture like a sponge and channel it away from your foot's sole to avoid creating that moist environment that bacteria and fungi love. Random interlocked fibers blended of wool and rayon are used to create an ultra-thin insert (only 1/8" thick!) that will fit comfortably into any shoe. This insert's design will not only keep your feet dry, but it will also preserve the life of your shoes.

Finally, you can experience dry feet in all your favorite shoes. We're the experts in dryness and can help you solve all your sweaty feetproblems instantly. Order today to test these products for yourself. We carry men's insoles in sizes 7B-12EE and 13B-18EE, while women's come in 5AA-11D and 12AA-15D.

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