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New Underarm Shields Construction

We recognize that consumers want underarm shield products that offer them maximum protection and comfort from sweating and odor problems. With that in mind, we’ve significantly improved our products. Our advanced and innovative constructions now allow for much greater absorption and odor control. We’ve done this by working with our suppliers to create truly unique fabrics to maximize absorbency and comfort for you. 

1. We now have transport top layer to all of our shields. This unique mesh fabric allows fluid to pass through it to an absorbent layer so that the fluid does not lie next to your skin or take minutes to be absorbed (causing some fluid to have the spill-over effect). 

2. We’ve enhanced the effect of cotton by double napping it and thereby making it much more absorbent. 

3. The old water-proof vinyl layer which sometimes could even peel or crack after repeated machine washings has been replaced with a unique blend of urethane and vinyl. This will eliminate any cracking or peeling issues even after 100 washings and yet are noiselessly effective. No more brittle feel associated with vinyl. The urethane will retain its soft hand even after washing with chlorine bleach. 

All of our dress and garment shields will be made this way and our hope is to satisfy even more consumers for the years ahead.

Be sure that if you have a question on any of our shields, feel free to give our specialists a call to discuss your solutions. 1-800-498-7051



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