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Sweat Shield Ultra Antiperspirant Wipes

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Comfortable and Complete Protection
For All Of Life's Moments

Designed like our regular sewn-in shields style #670F, these regular shaped washable dress shields are made for long or mid-length sleeves with 10 pre-cut double-faced adhesive tapes that secure to the shield. No pins or sewing needed.

This double ply 100% cotton Fabrapel barrier (#670AF - Light To Moderate Sweating) provides fluid-resistant, noiseless, heatless and stain-resistant sweat and odor protection.

Easily applies and removes. Peel and stick! The adhesive washes off in washing machine for utmost convenience.

Safe for all fabrics including silk.

Our Dress Shields help keep clothes fresher and longer lasting by absorbing perspiration.

What is Fabrapel® Treatment?

Fabrapel is a patented treatment we apply to the interlock 100% cotton fabric during dyeing. Fabrapel provides a non-detectable yet highly functional coating to the fabric creating a water-proof barrier while allowing air to pass through keeping you cool and confident.

Customers Love Our Undershirts

" I sweat profusely and I’m not overweight. I tried this product because I thought for the price it was worth taking a chance with it. I am incredibly happy with the results. "

- Ron C. - June 16, 2019



Sold Out

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