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Sweating While It’s Cold – 5 Common Causes

Sweating While It’s Cold – 5 Common Causes
Now that fall is here and winter is not far behind some people wonder why they sweat the same in the winter as in the summer or spring. This could be a sign of the body behaving abnormally and it’s trying to tell you something. Unusual sweat is no exception.

Below are listed 5 common causes attributed to cold weather sweating.

#1 – Hyperhidrosis (Most Common) 

Studies show that about 3 percent of the American population suffer from the condition known as hyperhidrosis. If you sweat excessive regularly on different areas of your body you should check in with a medical professional and see if you fall into that category. People with hyperhidrosis usually lose four or five times as much sweat (that's four or five liters!) in a day as the average person, so it's important you find a way to retain more fluids.

Don't fret if you feel like this might be you! Quality of life doesn't need to be diminished. Chat with your doc and see what they can do for you.

#2 Low Blood Sugar
A lack of glucose in blood levels causes us to produce adrenaline in an attempt to compensate for the lack of nutrition. This happens when you skip meals or have not eaten anything for awhile.  The sympathetic nervous system will switch on, dropping into the "fight or flight" mode — this phenomenon is also known as hypoglycemia. You naturally produce insulin when you're hungry, which prepares the body for digestion; so when it is combined with adrenaline, it can cause our bodies to function in unusual ways.

If you think you have hypoglycemia and its chronic make sure to see a doctor. It also can't hurt to keep some healthy snacks on hand, and see if snacking on them when you're hungry, rather than waiting to eat, makes any difference with your sweating.

#3 Lack Of Oxygen
Not getting enough oxygen from the air around you is a cause of cold perspiration. Check your own breathing the next time you're sweating in the cold — are your breaths deep and smooth, or short and shallow? If every inhalation and exhalation is stunted, that may be a sign that you're not getting enough oxygen. Don't worry much, though. You may just need to move around some more, or perhaps go for a walk to get the blood flowing properly.

It may also have to do with your environment, like the temperature you keep your house, the dryness in the air, or the fact that the thermostat in your office is set far too low. Start by addressing these factors, and if the sweat continues to flow, see your doctor.

#4 Thyroid Problems
One of the thyroid glands job is to release a hormone that controls how the body uses its energy stores; it also regulates its sensitivity to other hormones it comes into contact with. If sweat  constantly in all weather  it might point to thyroid issues, particularly an overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism. 

Being constantly sweaty is just the one of the side effects of hyperthyroidism. Having an overactive thyroid can lead to serious problems, like osteoporosis and even heart problems. If you're experiencing other symptoms of hyperthyroidism, like fatigue, sudden weight loss or difficulty sleeping see a doctor. Hyperthyroidism can be controlled through medication.

#5 Side Effects From Medication

Prescriptions — including anti-depressants, blood pressure pills, some cold and flu remedies, medicines for dry mouth — include sweating as a side effect. If you're currently taking medication, read up on their side effects and see if sweating is one. Many doctors report that medication-induced sweating primarily happens at night, when you're wrapped in a blanket and trying to get warm. However, the cold perspiration can happen during the day as well.

Relaxation and exercise are good ways to combat this; they both prevent overproduction of adrenaline-inducing hormones. Stay away from caffeine and monitor how much sugar you consume in a day, as they both raise the blood pressure and produce adrenaline, which results in more sweating.

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