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What Is A Dress Shield?

Try typing the words Dress Shield into a search engine, and a volume of results would lead you to a myriad of websites – ranging from advice columns for teens, to forums for women, medical related ones, and of course, your staple underwear retailers. 

These venues would tell you that dress shields are still considered a necessity for everyday living. But what are they exactly? A Dress Shield is a disposable or a reusable product accessory that is attached to the armhole section of a top. It serves three basic purposes - to prevent underarm wetness from showing, to protect clothing from staining and to prevent odors.

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In the past, when deodorants had yet to be discovered Kleinert's Dress Shields would be the popular choice in maintaining dry sleeves, thus, sustaining your confidence the whole day. At present, the Dress Shield still remains to be a sellable item today. Why so?, Consider it's other function which is to keep your clothes free from stains brought by bacteria and anti - perspirant solutions. We are all aware of the grease-like marks left by roll - ons and the white sticky spots left behind that take awhile to erase. Thus, earlier wear and tear is also stopped in the process. Dress Shields are also used by individuals who need an extra security for high level physical activities like performing arts.

As curiosity kills most cats, how does it actually work? Dress Shields are composed of multiple layers: hypoallergenic cotton, moisture barrier and an outer layer. The first point of contact, which is the hypoallergenic absorbent layer absorbs perspiration and odor. The moisture barrier, would ensure the sweat would stay locked in, and not sip through and ruin your favorite blouse or shirt.

Thirdly is another outer layer which is the side that rests onto your clothing and blends in so as to be completely discreet. Aside from all the mentioned benefits, Dress Shields are very easy to use. For Kleinert’s disposable dress shields or cotton disposable dress shields just peel off the paper strips and attach them to the inside armhole area of your garment. Most users attest to how comfortable they are, even for round the clock use. For reusable dress shields they are attachable by means of adhesive tape which is the most convenient or with sewing in or pinning in. Kleinert’s makes all of these and has since 1869.

All these factors come up in various forums online, as well as crop up in girl talks all the time. Women, mostly, complain of the hassles of deodorant use. Most hate the blemishes they leave on their blouses, especially the dry sticky type that need extra attention to remove. Using a roll - on and waiting for it to dry before putting on your shirt, can be time consuming, on the other hand. 

There would also be some situations that leave you unbelievably anxious (and probably sweaty!), like weddings and crucial presentations at work. These would go smoother with a dress shield as you wouldn't need to worry about a damp circle under your arms.

So, what are you waiting for? Order a Dress Shield today for that added poise and not to mention, hygiene, as you go through your day!

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