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Underarm Pads

Sweating is a natural function of the human body. It regulates our core temperature and this is done by the “cooling effect” as air impacts the sweat on our skin. Unfortunately, there are those individuals who sweat profusely who then require more protection from underarm sweating and its consequent sweat-thru, stains and odor. Thankfully. Kleinert’s invented the underarm pad in 1869 in New York and today, we are still going strong.

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Kleinert’s produces a great variety of underarm pads including disposables and reusables. Pads for women and pads for men. Pads for light to moderate sweating and pads for moderate to profuse sweating protection. Every product is hand made in our plant in Elba, Alabama where skilled workers have been crafting these items for over 40 years.

Underarm pads are particularly useful to those with excessive sweating. Those people number about 4% of the US population. Often they employ a technique which is called “stacking” in which they use multiple products including underam pads plus a clinical antiperspirant. The combination will assure those individuals the protection from embarrassing wetness and odor.

Underarm pads are truly the first line of defense against excessive perspiration. People should not seek out Botox as this is expensive, and now has been proven to cause atropy of the muscles and it wears off within six months. Underarms pads cost under $8.00 for a pair and will last about six to twelve months so why consider Botox which can damage your body. Underarm pads come in a variety of colors including white, natural beige and black. They will always provide discreet and comfortable protection all day long with no hazard to your body.

Movie actors, movie studios, performing art companies, ballets, Disneyland and many other types of groups use Kleinert’s underarm pads to protect their wardrobes. They come back to us year after year as they know our quality works for them.

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