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Underarm Dress Shields

Too many companies make promises that they can't fulfill, but we stand by our guarantees. At Kleinert's, we promise to deliver high quality products to you that you will be satisfied with for years to come. Our product line is extensive, with most of our items being handmade in the United States.

This allows us to be able to back up every item we sell with honorable craftsmanship and reliability. We sell a large variety of anti-sweat dress shields, garment shields, and related items. Our underarm dress shields are by far one of our best-selling and most requested products.

Dress shields are not just for dresses! Both men and women can attach our underarm shields to their shirts, jackets, or blouses for the ultimate dry feeling all day long. We offer disposable dress shields in packs of 12, as well as other more permanent dress shields that are machine washable and dry cleanable.

Our permanent dress shields can be attached with tape, pins, or by sewing them in. Either way, they employ a solid mix of cotton and vinyl materials that work together to lock away moisture from the skin and to keep odor and wetness from seeping into your garments. Each item we carry is affordable and most are reusable, so you never have to spend a lot to cure a common problem like underarm sweating. Why be embarrassed anymore? Log onto our website right now at and find the underarm protection product that is ideal for you. We've included pictures of every one so that you can find what you want quickly and easily.

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