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Sweatproof Clothing


Sweatproof, Stain-Resistant and Odor Repellant Undershirts and T-Shirts


We are proud to offer our multi-patented sweatproof, stain-resistant and odor-resistant Fabrapel undershirts. 

No other shirts can truly claim to offer the noiseless protection that our shirts do. Our undetectable, enlarged (6" x 9") underarm shields are hand-sew-in and provide unmatched protection. Even the body fabric of these shirts are made with our patented Fabrapel treatment so for those who experience compensatory sweating, even they can be fully protected.

Since 1869 Kleinert's has been known as "The Personal Protection Specialists" and the undershirts demonstrate why.

ELBA, Ala. — Kleinert's® recently announced the availability of a patented line of sweatproof undershirts for men and T-shirts for women which far exceeds the performance characteristics of Under Armour, Drifit, Dry Release or any other wicking fiber technology now so popular.

Kleinert's®, founded well over a century ago, in 1869, is well known in the apparel business for bringing hygienic products to the market. Among its inventions and innovations are baby pants, the shower cap, the shower curtain, the sanitary pant, dress shields and garment shields, incontinence products, and many other items for sweat control. It manufactures an extensive line of underarm protective shields and is recognized to be the leader in the perspiration protectionindustry particularly for individuals who suffer from hyperhidrosis.

The new patented, sweatproof undershirts and T-shirts are ideal for anyone who perspires heavily through to their clothing, business attire or recreational attire. The shirts are used by soldiers in Iraq under tactical vests, athletic fitness trainers, business people and for everyday use. These shirts will prevent wet-through as well as staining and odor and will actually extend the useful life of the clothing or uniform by diminishing deterioration.

The efficacy is far better than wick-away products for moisture management like Under Armour, Coolmax, Wickers, Dri Release, or Drifit which only transport the moisture to the outer layer of clothing and rely on the air to slowly evaporate the moisture which can take considerable time resulting in wet outer clothing for a period of time.. Kleinert’s DryDefense® technology contains all of the fluid within and will never allow the fluid to access the outer layer thus keeping the outer clothing pristine and dry.

DryDefense® technology actually creates a waterproof shield within each garment so that no fluids can be emitted. This results in the body remaining cool, the wearer optimally hydrated and productive while the garments look perfect at all times.

Made in the USA of 100% pre-shrunk, lightweight, breathable interlock cotton, the undershirts also can feature discreet underarm shields for total protection and comfort around-the-clock from embarrassing underarm wetness. The under shirts and T-shirts are available in crewneck and V-neck styles in white and black in sizes small (34"-36") to XXXL (50"-52"). They are machine washable. The absorbent cotton shields (optional) are sewn into the armpits so no sewing or pinning is required.

Distributor, retailer and consumer inquiries are welcome by calling 800-498-7051 or visiting A free catalogue is also available upon request. 

Re: Kleinert's waterproof undershirt a Consumer Wrote:

“The shirt is pretty amazing. looks and feels like regular t-shirt and is 100% cotton. It worked for me playing tennis and I assume it will do same for any situation. There was no soaking through to outside of this shirt nor to the tennis shirt I was wearing on top of it. As someone who has been plagued by cs for 17 years, I can truly say this is the first item that really works and will, I trust, permit me to carry on at social functions w/o the usual great worry.”




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