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Sweat Shield Ultra Antiperspirant Wipes

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Finally Feel Protected and Confident

Stop stressing about sweat and take back control of your confidence and comfort. No more hiding your underarms because of embarrassing sweat marks or odor. Wear the Kleinert's Sweat-Proof Undershirt beneath any shirt and feel confident in any situation without the fear of embarrassing sweat, odor or yellow stains.

Whether you sweat because of nerves, heat or hyperhidrosis, Kleinert's Sweat-Proof Undershirts will stop sweat in its tracks, keep you dry, confident and comfortable all day.

There is nothing like this Anywhere! Stay dry and comfortably protected from chest and back sweating problems at all times! Reduce sweat wet-through from your chest or back to your outer clothing.

High quality, breathable, hand-sewn 100% cotton undershirts with our patented Fabrapel treatment. You'll feel like you are wearing a normal everyday undershirt but you just won't sweat through it.

Patented, hypoallergenic Fabrapel treated fabric eliminates the problem of fluid passing through to your clothing, staining and odors better than any other undershirt made.

Our 100% Cotton Interlock Crew Neck Shirt is Breathable, Soft Comfortable Ring Spun Premium Cotton. Well Fitting and Noiseless. Great for casual wear, business attire under dress shirt, uniforms or for sports.

4.0 oz., lightweight 100% preshrunk cotton T-shirt. Extra